PolyTerra PLA

PolyTerra PLA

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PolyTerra™ PLA is a PLA-based 3D printing filament known for its matte surface and a wide range of colors and effects. It’s easy to print with, offering excellent bridging and overhang qualities. This filament can be printed at various temperatures and is compatible with all extrusion-based 3D printers.

Dimensional Tolerance:

  • 97% of the filament is within +/- 0.02mm

  • 99% is within +/- 0.03mm

  • 99.9% is within +/- 0.04mm

Comparison between PolyTerra™ PLA and PolyTerra™ PLA+:

While both are based on the same eco-friendly formula, PLA+ is optimized for better layer adhesion and overall strength. However, unlike PolyTerra™ PLA’s matte finish, PLA+ has a more satin finish.

Biodegradability of PolyTerra™ PLA:

PolyTerra™ PLA is not readily biodegradable under normal conditions, such as being discarded on the roadside. It requires specific conditions for degradation, achievable in industrial composting facilities. The formula is developed to degrade faster than regular PLA, improving its environmental footprint while maintaining excellent printability.

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Arctic Blue, Army beige, Army blue, Army brown, Army dark green, Army light green, Army purple, Army red, Ash gray, Chargoal black, Color-change autumn, Color-change Cappuccino, Color-change pastel rainbow, Color-change spring, Color-change summer, Color-change winter, Cotton white, Earth brown, Forest green, Fossil grey, Lava red, Lavender purple, Lime green, Marble slate grey, Marble white, Muted blue, Muted green, Muted purple, Muted red, Muted white, Pastel banana, Pastel candy, Pastel ice, Pastel mint, Pastel peach, Pastel walnut, Pastel watermelon, Rose red, Sakura pink, Sapphire blue, Savannah Yellow, Sunrise Orange, Two-color Camouflage (dark green-brown), Two-color Chameleon (blue-yellow), Two-color Flamingo (pink-red), Two-color Glacier Blue (Ice Blue), Two-color Mist Orange (grey-orange), Two-color Misty purple (grey-purple), Two-color Mixed berries (red-dark blue), Two-color Shadow (white-black), Two-color Shadow Orange (orange-black), Two-color Shadow red (black-red), Two-color Sunrise (red-yellow), Wood brown