Bambu Lab – PETG Translucent

Bambu Lab – PETG Translucent

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The Bambu PETG Translucent filament is known for its translucent appearance and robust endurance. It offers an effortless printing experience with minimal warping. The diameter of the filament is 1.75 mm +/- 0.03mm. Key features include water resistance, UV resistance, and resistance to temperature changes, making it suitable for outdoor applications. The filament comes in eight vibrant colors, providing creative possibilities with light and shadow effects. It’s designed to minimize common printing issues like nozzle sticking, leakage, and clumping. Additionally, it’s compatible with the Automatic Material System (AMS) from Bambu Lab.

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Transparent blue-green, Transparent brown, Transparent grey, Transparent light blue, Transparent olive green, Transparent orange, Transparent pink, Transparent purple