PolySonic PLA pro

PolySonic PLA pro

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PolySonic™ PLA Pro is an advanced, tough PLA filament capable of printing at exceptionally high speeds. Its unique formulation delivers rugged, durable prints with impact strength comparable to ABS and bending strength surpassing ASA & PETG. This makes PLA Pro an excellent choice for quickly producing functional parts.

Advantages of High-Speed Filament:

  • Surface Quality at High Speed: High-Speed filament ensures a consistent surface finish across various speeds, reducing issues like ‘Shark Skin’ effect and achieving a uniform look from glossy to matte.

  • Mechanical Properties at High Speed: It offers superior mechanical properties at high speeds compared to regular filament, due to consistent extrusion and optimized cooling/melting rates.

  • Higher Throughput: The combination of improved surface quality and mechanical properties allows for faster production of high-quality parts, benefiting businesses that rely on 3D printing.

Criteria for High-Speed Filament:

  • Flowability: Consistent extrusion at 24mm3/s on standard systems.

  • Formability: Maintains similar surface quality and structural integrity at 24mm3/s as at lower speeds.

  • Functionality: Retains at least 80% of mechanical properties at 24mm3/s compared to lower speeds.

Specifications of PolySonic™ PLA:

  • Maximum Flow: 30mm3/s, tested on a custom extrusion platform.

  • Quality Consistency: Similar quality maintained between 4mm3/s and 24mm3/s.

  • Mechanical Properties:

    • Layer Adhesion: 37.3-32.3 MPa (87% retention)/span>

    • Tensile Strength: 46.0-43.9 (95% retention)

    • Impact Strength: 6.1-5 kJ/m2 (82% retention)

Dimensional Tolerance of Filament:

  • 97% within +/- 0.02mm

  • 99% within +/- 0.03mm

  • 99.9% within +/- 0.04mm

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