PolyLite PLA

PolyLite PLA

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PolyLite™ PLA is a versatile and reliable 3D printing material known for its extensive color range and special effect filaments. It boasts high tensile strength and rigidity, combined with excellent printability and unique printing characteristics. Its range includes silk, dual silk, glow-in-the-dark, galaxy, starlight, temperature color change, and UV color change filaments, each offering distinct surface effects.

Strength of PolyLite™ PLA:

  • It is made from a high molecular weight PLA sourced from Natureworks, making it one of the most rigid PLA materials available.

  • Its rigidity can be assessed through Young’s modulus and bending strength data available in its Technical Data Sheet (TDS), allowing for comparison with other materials in the Polymaker portfolio.

Jam-Free Technology:

  • Polymaker’s Jam-Free Technology enhances the filament’s heat resistance up to 140°C.

  • This technology prevents jamming issues caused by ‘heat creep’, a process where heat spreads irregularly in the hot end, potentially softening and expanding the filament in the cold end, leading to jams.

  • The filament’s increased heat resistance ensures a jam-free printing experience. However, the heat resistance of the printed part remains the same as regular PLA (~60°C).

Compostability of Natural PLA:

  • PLA is compostable through a two-step degradation process involving disintegration and biodegradation.

  • In the compost pile, moisture and heat break down polymer chains into smaller polymers and lactic acid.

  • Microorganisms then consume these smaller fragments and lactic acid, eventually converting them into carbon dioxide, water, and humus, a valuable soil nutrient.

  • This composting process is dependent on specific temperature and humidity conditions.

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Beige, Black, Blue, Brown, Chrome, Cream, Dark grey green, Galaxy black, Galaxy dark blue, Galaxy dark red, Glow in the dark blue, Glow in the dark green, Green, Grey, Jungle green, Lemon yellow, Lime green, Lulzbot green, Luminous blue, Luminous green, Luminous orange, Luminous pink, Luminous rainbow, Luminous yellow, Magenta, Metallic dark blue, Metallic dark green, Neutral, Olive brown, Olive green, Orange, Pink, Polymaker blue, Purple, Red, Silk black, Silk blue, Silk brass, Silk bronze, Silk dark blue, Silk gold, Silk green, Silk gunmetal gray, Silk light blue, Silk lime, Silk magenta, Silk orange, Silk peridot green, Silk Periwinkle, Silk pink, Silk purple, Silk red, Silk rose, Silk rose gold, Silk silver, Silk teal, Silk white, Silk yellow, Sky blue, Sparkling dark blue, Sparkling dark green, Starlight aurora, Starlight comet, Starlight jupiter, Starlight mercury, Starlight meteor, Starlight nebula, Starlight neptune, Starlight twilight, Steel gray, Stone blue, Temperature changing – green/lime, Temperature changing – purple/pink/transparent, Two-color silk (blue-green), Two-color silk (gold-magenta), Two-color silk (gold-purple), Two-color silk (gold-red), Two-color silk (gold-silver), Two-color silk (green-chrome), Two-color silk (lime-magenta), Two-color silk (silver-blue), Two-color silk (yellow-blue), UV color changing – neutral/orange, Water blue, White, Wine red, Yellow