PolyTerra Edition-R

PolyTerra Edition-R

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PolyTerra™ Edition-R is a unique PLA filament, incorporating 30% post-industrial recycled PLA, enhancing the sustainability of an already eco-friendly material. This innovative approach does not compromise on print quality or printing characteristics. It features a matte black surface finish, making it an ideal filament for everyday applications.

What is Post-Industrial Recycled PLA?

  • Post-industrial recycled PLA is derived from industrial waste generated during the production of PLA-based products.

  • It involves using excess materials, trimmings, or defective products that would otherwise be discarded.

  • The recycling process includes sorting, cleaning, and reprocessing this waste, transforming it into new PLA pellets or filaments.

  • Using post-industrial recycled PLA reduces environmental impact by minimizing waste and conserving resources, aligning with sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing practices.

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