PolySonic PLA

PolySonic PLA

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PolySonic™ PLA is a revolutionary high-speed 3D printing filament designed to significantly enhance the productivity and quality of additive manufacturing. It offers rapid extrusion rates, precise detailing, and superior layer adhesion, enabling users to increase their 3D printing speeds without sacrificing strength or quality.

Advantages of High-Speed Filament:

  • Surface Quality at High Speed: High Speed filament maintains a consistent surface finish across a wide range of flow rates, reducing variations in surface quality (like the ‘Shark Skin’ effect) that occur with regular filaments at different printing speeds.

  • Mechanical Properties at High Speed: When printed at higher speeds, High Speed filament exhibits better overall mechanical properties due to more consistent extrusion and optimized cooling/melting rates.

  • Higher Throughput: The combination of improved surface quality and mechanical properties allows for faster production of high-quality parts, ideal for businesses relying on 3D printing for product manufacturing.

Definition of High-Speed Filament:

A filament is classified as “High Speed” if it meets three criteria at a set printing temperature:

  • Flowability: Consistent extrusion at 24mm3/s on standard extrusion systems.

  • Formability: Maintains similar surface quality, overhang, and bridging at 24mm3/s as it does at lower speeds.

  • Functionality: Retains at least 80% of its mechanical properties at 24mm3/s compared to lower speeds.

Specifications of PolySonic™ PLA:

  • Maximum Flow: 30mm3/s, tested on a specialized extrusion platform.

  • Quality Maintenance: Confirmed similar quality at 4mm3/s and 24mm3/s.

  • Mechanical Properties:

    • Layer Adhesion: 37.3-32.3 MPa (87% maintenance)

    • Tensile Strength: 46.0-43.9 MPa (95% maintenance)

    • Impact Strength: 6.1-5 kJ/m2 (82% maintenance)

Dimensional Tolerance of Filament:

  • 97% within +/- 0.02mm

  • 99% within +/- 0.03mm

  • 99.9% within +/- 0.04mm

This summary encapsulates the key features and benefits of PolySonic™ PLA as a high-speed filament, emphasizing its contributions to improving efficiency and quality in 3D printing applications.

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