PolyMax PLA

PolyMax PLA

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PolyMax™ PLA is a top-tier product in the PLA filament range, notable for its superior mechanical properties that outperform ABS, while maintaining the ease of printing associated with PLA. Its standout feature is being five times more durable than regular PLA, making it ideal for creating 3D printed parts that can withstand impacts without succumbing to brittle failure modes.

Key Differentiator of PolyMax™ PLA:

  • PolyMax™ PLA incorporates nano-reinforcement technology, significantly enhancing its ductility, which is the material’s capacity for plastic deformation before breaking.

  • In simpler terms, PolyMax™ PLA is designed to bend rather than break, in contrast to brittle materials which easily fracture.

Shelf Life of PolyMax™ PLA:

  • Like most material products, PolyMax™ PLA doesn’t have an expiration date and can generally be used indefinitely.

  • A two-year performance guarantee is typically provided, and materials older than two years are often still usable without issues.

  • Testing can be provided for various performance aspects of the material if there are specific concerns regarding its usability after an extended period.

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