Zortrax Endurial

Zortrax Endurial

The Zortrax Endureal is a high-performance 3D printer designed for industrial applications. It has a build volume of 400x300x300 mm and is capable of printing with a wide range of engineering-grade materials, including PEEK and ULTEM. The printer’s advantages include its dual-extrusion system, high temperature printing capabilities, and a heated build chamber, making it suitable for creating complex, durable parts with advanced materials.

Technical specifications

  • 400x400x300 mm working area.

  • Hot End up to 480 degrees

  • Build Plate up to 220 degrees

  • Max. chamber temperature 200 degrees

  • The printer comes free of charge with: 3D printer, Z-SUITE, Starter kit, Maintenance kit, half of model material, half of support material, half of high-temperature model material, half of high-temperature support material, USB memory stick. Maintenance Kit Contents: Material End Stopper (2 pcs.), Extruder Filament Gear (2 pcs.), Extruder, Filter Set (Carbon and HEPA) (2 pcs.), PEI Board (2 pcs.), High Temperature Hotend Module (2 pcs. .), extruder cable.

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