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Vacuum table M700

Vacuum table M700

316 sis KM

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Use the Vacuum Table M.700 MDF to clamp your workpieces quickly and easily on your STEPCRAFT M.700. The inexpensive alternative to the Vacuum Table M.700 PE is simply built into the machine instead of the existing machine table. The last table element remains in the machine or can be replaced by the M.700 tool magazine including the pneumatic lifting function.

In order to generate the necessary negative pressure, the vacuum table must be connected to an industrial vacuum cleaner (air-cooled) or a side channel compressor. The resulting vacuum pulls the workpiece down onto the machine table and fixes it firmly. Thanks to two different round cords and the enclosed MDF spoilboard, the Vacuum Table M.700 MDF offers three different clamping options:

Milling through using a spoilboard
Top machining such as engravings and contours
Processing of flat, smooth panel materials such as foil, wood, leather or metal
This way, you can clamp all your workpieces safely and securely on your vacuum table. Quick, easy and tool-free.