Stepcraft M500 – KIT

Stepcraft M500 – KIT

2499,78 incl. VAT
2049,00 excl. VAT

More than a normal CNC machine! From Freestyle MillingTM to two different machine table heights, the STEPCRAFT M Series offers unprecedented functionality. This makes the STEPCRAFTM series the most mobile and versatile CNC router in the world.

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With the STEPCRAFT M series, you can easily process floors, large sheet materials or even existing furniture. Since all STEPCRAFT D-series CNC tools are also compatible with the STEPCRAFT M-series, you can let your creativity run free and use your CNC router for milling, laser engraving, cutting, 3D printing or engraving. Therefore, the STEPCRAFT M-series is perfect for use in workshops, schools or production halls.

Thanks to the wide range of tools available, you can process a wide range of materials with your STEPCRAFT M series:

  • Wood: softwood, hardwood, plywood, laminated wood
  • Plastics: thermoplastic, ABS, PE, PP, soft/hard PVC, Lexan®, polyamide, Plexiglas®
  • Carbon
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Elastomers, thermosetting
  • Mixed Materials

All included in the price! With manual and accompanying Wera tool set incl. with a torque screwdriver, your CNC router will only take a few hours to assemble. Numerous illustrations and video support help you assemble a CNC building kit in just a few hours. The CNC kit will not only save you money, but also teach you every step of your STEPCRAFT M-series screw. This allows later maintenance and settings to be carried out independently.