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PrimaSelect WOOD 1.75 mm, 500g – Natural

PrimaSelect WOOD 1.75 mm, 500g – Natural

34 sis KM

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3D print wood on your 3D printer! PrimaSELECT WOOD is an outstanding and beautiful 3D printer filament. The material smells like wood, looks like wood and feels like wood. So surely it´s wood, right? The answer is – almost. PrimaSELECT WOOD is based on our PrimaSELECT PLA formula and has all the benefits that PrimaSELECT PLA has. For creating wood, we added 35-40 % wood and that is what gives our WOOD filament its unique properties.

Main material properties of PrimaSELECT WOOD:
It feels and smells like real WOOD
Very easy to 3D print, even at low temperatures
Very small risks for warping
It´s biodegradable & easy to post process