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PrimaSelect PETG 1.75 mm, 750g – Clear

PrimaSelect PETG 1.75 mm, 750g – Clear

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“This PETG filament is an easy-to-process, versatile and very tough material for your 3D printer. At the same time, it convinces with high flexibility and virtually no material shrinkage. Buy it in bright colors, transparent and opaque. 3D print it ideally with an adhesive (bed adhesive).

Key material properties PrimaSELECT PETG:
Easy processing, tremendous versatility, and very tough water-repellent filament
Opaque, clear or high-gloss and translucent material
Hardly smells when 3D printed and may come into contact with food in the clear version
Very strong and durable – Perfect for technical and artistic applications”