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PrimaSelect HIPS 1.75 mm, 750g – White

PrimaSelect HIPS 1.75 mm, 750g – White

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PrimaSELECT HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene) is a 3D printer filament normally associated with ABS as a support material. HIPS dissolves in D-limonene. HIPS is also a very good filament for making objects directly on your 3D printer. With HIPS you can make stunning 3D prints with a beautiful matt surface additively.

Material properties of PrimaSELECT HIPS:
Perfect as a support material for 3D prints with ABS – Soluble in D’limonene
Very high impact strength & top for detailed 3D prints
Ideal for large 3D prints with matt surface
Very low warping – Easy processing