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PrimaCreator EasyPrint FLEX 95A 1.75 mm, 500g – Red

PrimaCreator EasyPrint FLEX 95A 1.75 mm, 500g – Red

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3D printing easy & flexible – Buy EasyPrint FLEX filament from PrimaCreator for your 3D printer. The flexible filament is durable, flexible and very user-friendly. EasyPrint FLEX is based on TPU and offers you numerous advantages. Easily 3D print UV-stable components for your outdoor use, chemical and oil resistant gaskets, and other demanding flexible items.

This is why you should use EasyPrint FLEX TPU!
Shore hardness of 95A – Optimal for seals, insoles, handles and more!
Perfect spooling, no more tangled filament
Easy to print with wide temperature span of 180°C – 230°C
Perfect roundness
Perfect diameter tolerance within +/-0.05mm
Smart length indicator on spool
UV resistant
Flexible, durable and oil and grease resistant filament