PolyLite LW-PLA

PolyLite LW-PLA

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PolyLite™ LW-PLA is a unique low-density PLA filament that incorporates Polymaker’s Stabilized Foaming™ technology. This technology enables the PLA to re-foam post-extrusion, creating a lattice foam structure that reduces the density by 30%. It can be printed using standard PLA settings and produces a naturally matte surface finish, which helps in concealing layer lines. LW-PLA is especially favored in applications where weight is a critical factor, making it popular among aerodynamicists, such as in RC plane manufacturing.

Differences Between Active and Passive Foaming:

Active Foaming:

  • Requires significant modifications to printing settings to manage material expansion during printing.

  • Needs high printing temperatures (~250°C) for lightweight results, which can lead to defects like stringing and blobs.

  • Can achieve lighter prints than passive foaming at high temperatures but may have serious stringing defects.

Passive Foaming:

  • Does not require major changes from standard PLA settings, only slight increase in retraction.

  • Offers lightweight results even at lower temperatures (~190°C).

  • The lower the printing temperature, the higher the quality of the print.

Suitability of PolyLite™ LW-PLA for RC Planes:

  • PolyLite™ LW-PLA is well-suited for RC plane applications due to its ease of printing and strong rigidity.

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