PolyLite CosPLA

PolyLite CosPLA

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CosPLA is a specialized filament designed for 3D printing cosplay items, available in two distinct formulas. Version A is tailored for items like helmets and detailed parts, offering excellent sandability for quick post-processing. Version B is a tougher PLA, more appropriate for creating swords, hammers, armor, or any cosplay items that require additional strength and may endure impacts.

Heat Resistance of PolyLite™ CosPLA:

  • During market research, four primary needs were identified for cosplay applications: sandability, durability, paintability, and heat resistance.

  • PolyLite™ CosPLA addresses the first three needs effectively but has the same heat resistance as regular PLA (~60˚C).

  • For applications requiring higher heat resistance, Polymaker suggests using PolyLite™ ABS, which offers great printability and dimensional stability, along with durability and sandability.

  • As an alternative, PolyLite™ ASA is recommended for its similar characteristics to ABS, plus added weather resistance.

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