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OTK-3 full set

OTK-3 full set

527 sis KM

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OTK-3 Full Set incl. Tangential Knife OTK-3, Creasing Wheel Set, Downholder Adapter und Oscillating Blade 10 mm.

Use the Oscillating Tangential Knife OTK-3 to cut a variety of different materials quickly and with high-precision. For this purpose, the tool is clamped into the tool holder of the CNC gantry milling system and controlled via the CNC control software. The powerful oscillation motor quickly moves the blade up and down while the actuator rotates the blade in the respective cutting direction. This way, the tangential knife provides highly accurate results even with small contours and letterings. The solid carbide blades are available in cutting depths from 6 to 25 mm.

Please see the comparative overview of the OTK-3, the Drag Knife and the Heavy Duty Drag Knife. This way, you will find the right cutting tool for your Project.

Note: The operation of the OTK-3 requires the current version of UCCNC (1.2110) or of the full version of WinPC-NC.