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Milling motor MM-1650-DI (for M series)

Milling motor MM-1650-DI (for M series)

508 sis KM

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A milling motor has to reliably produce high precision results. The MM-1650 DI is a milling spindle “made in Germany” that is manufactured under strict quality controls. Due to the precise coordination of all components, the milling motor 230 V operates with maximum concentricity. Additionally, the MM-1650 DI has a variable speed setting that can be controlled manually or via the gantry interface. The labyrinth seal protects spindle and bearings against dust and debris. With a sound level of only 81 dB (A), the milling motor operates extremely silent.

For use with the STEPCRAFT M-Series, the Mounting Kit MM-1650 DI for M-Series is necessary.