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Enclosure for the M1000

Enclosure for the M1000

1535 sis KM

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The enclosure has been designed to protect your surroundings from noise and debris while the STEPCRAFT M-Series is in operation. Once the CNC is placed inside, it is accessible from three sides via the door elements of the enclosure. Thanks to the integrated drag chain, the cables of tools, like the milling motor or the OTK-3, can be routed to the outside in a bundled and tidy way so that no cables obscure the field of vision.

The enclosure can be used with or without the M-Series machine stand. Please select the option that suits you best. All M-Series enclosures are delivered fully assembled allowing you to use your M-Series in your new enclosure as soon as possible. The shipping is carried out by a forwarding agency free curb.

When using the HF Spindle in the housing of the M-Series, the extension cord for the HF Spindle in 3 m length is required.

Note: In combination with the M-Series enclosure, the operation of the 3D Print Head is only limitedly possible.